Welcome to Diggin’ Roots Farm

Certified organic vegetables and grass-fed meat, homegrown on 50 acres in the Willamette Valley. We are a first generation family farm dedicated to delicious food, healthy soil, and cultivating vibrant diversity on the land. Serving the Eastern Willamette Valley from Portland to Salem.

Diggin’ Roots Farm builds on our collective agrarian heritage by:

  • Connecting with our family, friends, and neighbors
  • Tending the earth for sustained fertility and biodiversity
  • Appreciating nature’s pace and natural tendencies
  • Supporting life on our farm- in our home and in our fields


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Instafarm Photos

  • Searching for my sanity in the soil. Remembering doing this last year with my original momma friends @sustinea and KaloK. #digginroots #farmmom
  • We freakin’ loooove Cilantro. It’s like an entire food group around here. You too can indulge at the #silvertonfarmersmarket on Saturdays from 9-1pm in Town Square Park.
#freshherbs #cilantrosalad #unlessittasteslikesoap
  • All these things are happening. FYI, when you are six years old, dirty always, and in need of boundaries, you tag your soap. Spring! Love! Rain! Food! Four weeks until CSA begins. Will you join us this season? #futurefood #fortheloveoftheland
  • Poz and the Diggin’ Roots team are here at the #silvertonfarmersmarket ready to make your veggie dreams! Come on down from 9-1pm and support your local farmers as the season begins . #fortheloveoffood #buylocal
  • Wendell and Lana check the specs on the new deer defense headquarters under the cedar tree by the recently planted orchard. #earnthekeep #farmdog #farmkid
  • Turnips and chores with dad. #syguy #digginrootsfarm
  • 1. A painting 2. Tarpology 3. Carrot babies (clean!) 4. My view from the tractor 5. “Up” 6. Purple Rain 7. I’m kind of a big deal
  • In honor of the light’s return to supremacy and our inevitable human return to the (semi)controlled chaos of Spring on the farm, we thought we’d catch up with a few photos from the past couple quiet months. 
1. Voles are a bummer winter pest, but also they are impressive, and the overwintering Purple Cape Cauliflower is too. Harvested just in time. Come see us at the Silverton Saturday winter market tomorrow to get some goodies. 2019 CSA shares are still available!
2. Lana came home with us. She’s part Lab, Great Dane, and Great Pyrenees. She’s going to chase deer and be a good dog.🤞
3. Wendell and Lana also happen to be the same spirit animal. Wendell is completely outmaneuvered by a creature whose tenacity matches his own. She’ll outweigh him at 6 months.
4. Barley is still with us. His legs are rickety, his muzzle is grey, but his heart is still all sweet puppy. He and Sylas are good friends.
5. This is Shawn. He is my magician around here and we are so lucky to have him along for another swing around the burning orb. Shawn wears many hats, and always with a good nature; mechanic, carpenter, irrigation support, master pruner, sawyer, greenhouse tech, resident mycologist, cultivation lead, perennial planting czar, and the list goes on. He even steps in for childcare sometimes. Wendell’s bike is often found parked outside Shawn’s abode. We all love Shawn, and are deeply grateful for the good energy he brings to this land. This winter, Shawn single-handedly planted over 2000 native trees and shrubs as part of our ongoing conservation contracts. These new buffers and hedgerows will change the landscape of the farm for decades to come.
6,7,8 Wendell is an incredible big brother. The sweetness in this boy, for Sylas, for his friends, for the creatures and plants on the farm is a wonderful force in our lives. These two brothers really like spending time with each other, and now they are sharing a room! The loft bed was a fun Spring project fueled by panic and lack of sleep from a baby still (not)sleeping in our room.
9. The piglets are almost pigs. It’s a lot of pig.
10. The sun made the cover crop pop and Joe and Judy’s house project kicked into high gear!
  • My life. My heart. #thebandbacktogether #teamdigginroots
  • It’s that time of year when we begin to feel the surge of the season to come. It simmers beneath frosty mornings and rises like steam from another cup of coffee. It waits in seed packets and wanders through ideas put to lists put to action. It is the optimism of the land, that we get to listen and learn and try again. That we get to be here and eat and play. That we have a home and some soil and the tools and the people to create a farm in this crazy cosmos. There are so many beginnings in a season, but this time, when the spring is wound and not yet sprung, when we take another step off the ledge, propelled by the trust of our members and filled with gratitude for our good fortune, this is the time when potential provides the push. The larder dwindles, but our hearts runneth over. The 2019 farm season begins with some fresh perspectives, a few big resolutions in honor of balance,  and some super sweet new style! Many thanks and much adoration to @maijarebeccahanddrawn for the beautiful work and endless patience with two busily indecisive farmers.
#wethinkweknowwhatwewantbutwedontreallyknowuntilweseeit #digginroots #startfresh
  • I try not to pick favorites, but after six years and hundreds of hours with these sheep, 103 here is the ONLY one that quietly seeks/tolerates my affection. 
The Black Welsh is not known for it’s tameness, but rigorous selection for maternal quality and temperament, means I’m finally perceived with less fear. I’m less of a spastic shepherd too, so that helps.

103 was one of the first born here in 2013 from our original registered ewe. She has quickly become a solid “lead” sheep, which is worth everything when I’m moving them every three days all spring/summer/fall. I always hope each successive generation will learn the ropes from the best ewes, and ignore the Houdini’s of the group. Right! 
2019 Lambing has begun! Stay tuned for annual jollypop video. And our 2019 CSA farm share sign-ups are underway with some exciting developments.  Click the link in our bio for more info and to join.
#backintheinstasaddle #replugged #thanksforfollowing
  • It’s a beautiful fall dad day with Syguy. This is the stuff. #luckydad #SylastheSmylus #bottlebreak #washpackforeman #farmkid