Welcome to Diggin’ Roots Farm

Certified organic vegetables and grass-fed meat, homegrown on 50 acres in the Willamette Valley. We are a first generation family farm dedicated to delicious food, healthy soil, and cultivating vibrant diversity on the land. Serving the Eastern Willamette Valley from Portland to Salem.

Diggin’ Roots Farm builds on our collective agrarian heritage by:

  • Connecting with our family, friends, and neighbors
  • Tending the earth for sustained fertility and biodiversity
  • Appreciating nature’s pace and natural tendencies
  • Supporting life on our farm- in our home and in our fields


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Instafarm Photos

  • We’ll be slingin’ the #certifiedorganic rainbow here at the #silvertonfarmersmarket today until 1pm. Thank you Silverton! We are so grateful to grow and eat with this community! #eatlocal #eattherainbow #smallfarm #gratefulfarmers #foodfamily
  • Tonight’s dinner. #farmforthefood #farmforthefuture #sometimeswehavetimetocook #digginrootsfarm
  • Broccoli daze. #sprummer #digginrootsfarm
  • Sylas says come on down to the #silvertonfarmersmarket! We’ll be here to 1pm with all the goodies. #localfood #certifiedorganic #digginrootsfarm
  • Marvel, Cilantro, Parsley, Sweet Alyssum...and weeds. We often inter-plant these early Spring market beds in order to maximize our timing and use of valuable space. And it’s beautiful. The lettuce will come out next week, then we’ll weed the parsley while letting about half of the cilantro go to flower. The Alyssum and Parsley will be managed (and watered) all season and we’ll likely save seed from the cilantro before the year is out.  So many services from one 100’ bed. #beautifultiming #succession #diggindiversity #digginrootsfarm
  • The first great brassica reveal of 2018. Lots of gorgeous kale headed to the Silverton Farmers’ Market tomorrow. #fleabeetlesbebummin’
  • Seeding under a sunset rainbow. Check. #farminginapotofgold
  • In chard we trust. Silverton eaters, come grab your bunch of the rainbow tomorrow @sfbread from 10-Noon. We’ll also have head lettuce, leeks, Hutterite dry beans, and....pasture raised lamb by the cut. It’s the perfect time to stock up for your Spring feast. Also, happy belated equinox to all of you out there in the real world. Thanks for hangin’ with us here in Insta-land. It’s surely going to be a great season. Stay tuned for more vegetable glamour, general farm musings(and admissions), and of course, the imminent introduction of a new family member. #ticktock #aprilbaby?whynot? #ohyeahbecausefarming #gottathrivetosurvive #winterfood #nofilter #realfoodrealcolor
  • Class of 2018 is lookin’ good and feelin’ frisky. #momentofzen #lambpops
  • Beverage/seed shelf and seeding table under development. #priorities #nomoremuddyseedpackets #maybejustbeersoaked #workspace  #attheready
  • Dinner vibes. It’s hard to resist the temptation to push these goofballs from the barn paddock during the early sunny days of Sprinter. The flock is antsy - the days are longer, there’s never enough feeder space, and the first lambs are starting to pop. But giving the pasture a few extra weeks of rest and warmth will pay off in spades later in the season...and next year. We feed our hay during the winter in this big old sheep barn and when the pasture starts tickling my ankles and shins, we’ll begin the #rotationlife. Once that season starts, these ladies won’t again stay in this barn until the first hard rains of fall, moving to a new paddock every 3-5 days...Except during shearing and that one blistering week of summer when I might give ‘em a fan and some mist. Which is more than I usually get. #shepherd #grassfed #pastureraised #exceptrightnow #herecomethelambpops #blackwelsh
  • For all of you that couldn’t possibly ever be wondering, Plantel halves mounted side by side on a piece of plywood make an almost perfect 1” dibble plate for an Anderson flat. Today is the first of many during which we will struggle with a deep love for onions.#onionsforever #havetostarttostop #spendingtimemakingtime #farmjanky