Welcome to Diggin’ Roots Farm

Certified organic vegetables and grass-fed meat, homegrown on 50 acres in the Willamette Valley. We are a first generation family farm dedicated to delicious food, healthy soil, and cultivating vibrant diversity on the land. Serving the Eastern Willamette Valley from Portland to Salem.

Diggin’ Roots Farm builds on our collective agrarian heritage by:

  • Connecting with our family, friends, and neighbors
  • Tending the earth for sustained fertility and biodiversity
  • Appreciating nature’s pace and natural tendencies
  • Supporting life on our farm- in our home and in our fields


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Instafarm Photos

  • Monday melon vibes. Dreaming about warmer days with this 5yo farmer. #seedsearching #theseasonisnow #wendellbundle
  • Epic family trip to Timberline Lodge this weekend. I️ haven’t been on skis for a decade and it was Wendell’s first time ever! Turns out I️ was the one who belonged on the bunny slope. This little man charged over 40 runs and is ready to go back for “big runs”. My knees are sore, but my heart is full. I️ was feeling some serious nostalgia thinking back to how my dad (and mom) introduced me to this crazy winter sport: With so much joy and patience, and good gear so that I️ was comfortable.  Also, the hardest part about letting a 5yo bomb down a snowy mtn. slope on slippery planks is that he is so darn willing to do it. No fear. The fear is all ours to carry, and letting go is our task (along with picking up the pieces at the bottom and carrying snacks). Thanks mom and dad for setting me up and letting me go. I️ was loving you a lot this weekend, and so grateful for the opportunity to get off the farm with the family for an awesome experience. Five months of rain in the valley could be more bearable if we saw it as snow more often!
  • Join us in the drizzle for some beautiful late September bounty. #silvertonfarmersmarket #allthethings #fallfood
  • It's not much, but it's enough for butternut squash soup. #nwtropical #freshginger #farmtrials
  • CSA share week #15: Before it wanders into the dark, our sweet fleeting Summer asks the sometimes ponderous Fall for one more gentle dance in dew-soaked, sun-kissed embrace.
  • Delux Lutz taproot. #followthebeet #fallfood
  • Here's a shout out to these two hardworking and kind-spirited gentlemen who do the boogie around here and get shit done all day everyday. Bringing in three ton of squash, a few thousand pounds of onions, and ALL the dry beans in a hurry will make a farmer truly appreciate a steady crew. Shawn and Thomas make the world go 'round here. #racingtherain #lotsofgoodwork #fillingthegranary #winterfood
  • Slingin' some late summer veg. here at the #silvertonfarmersmarket until 1pm. Come on down for some of the last(?!?) basil and melons of the season. #localfood #certifiedorganic #clingingtosummer
  • Winter squash harvest vibes. So nice to stop and hang with this beauty for a few minutes in the midst of "get it all in before the big rain week." I suggested that we find a better place for her to make an egg sack. #pregnantinsect #pregnantfarm #autumn
  • Throwback to Sat. market setup when it was clear, cool, and all the harvesting was done for the week. We are so grateful for our Silverton/Molalla community! This farm works because you choose to eat with us. Thank you! #silvertonfarmersmarket #certifiedorganic #homestretch #keepkeepingon
  • I keep looking at this photo that @jeremyfenske took at our @pitchforkpdx dinner and just loving it. It's been a challenging season but there's still a lot of good love on this farm.
  • Loaded and ready at the #silvertonfarmersmarket ! Come on down before the heat for some goodies. We're chillin' with melons this weekend! #localfood #organicallygrown #communityeats