Welcome to Diggin’ Roots Farm

Certified organic vegetables and grass-fed meat, homegrown on 50 acres in the Willamette Valley. We are a first generation family farm dedicated to delicious food, healthy soil, and cultivating vibrant diversity on the land. Serving the Eastern Willamette Valley from Portland to Salem.

Diggin’ Roots Farm builds on our collective agrarian heritage by:

  • Connecting with our family, friends, and neighbors
  • Tending the earth for sustained fertility and biodiversity
  • Appreciating nature’s pace and natural tendencies
  • Supporting life on our farm- in our home and in our fields


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Instafarm Photos

  • Sometimes during the furious flourish of spring, with all its birth and burst and hustle, it's important for me to stop and stand quietly with someone who's been around here awhile. #oldappletherapy
  • This guy knows how to lay drip tape on a sunny morning. #barleywisdom #farmdog
  • This climbing rose is one of our favorite plants on the farm, and right now it is ALIVE. Wendell basks in the buzz. #wildfarm #forestwalks
  • Making the most of an early spring carrot bed decimated by slugs. #nimblefarming #supposedlycarrotslovetomatoes #lettuceinalltheplaces
  • During a challenging Spring, we find comfort and confidence in a beautiful bunch of carrots. These sweet neon Nantes have carried us through the first few farmer's markets. #hightunnelmagic #wishthebedwentforever #smallvictories
  • Pretty sure this little monkey was born yesterday. #dontblink #farmkid #imonlyalittlebitscareddad
  • Sometimes when we move fence, we also find treasure. This makes me so darn happy. #harrierhawk #farmlife #rodentcontrol #mamabird
  • Jollypop play date on a rainy day. #blackwelsh #pastureraisedexcepttheswampdays #lamb #heritagebreed #grassfed
  • We are pretty excited about all the new life on the farm right now- in the barn and in the greenhouse! #lambs
  • That first amazing bite. He's been waiting for this day for months. @uprising.seeds blacktail has done it again!
  • Thank you for waiting- both of you!
  • Found this little treasure in a low thicket while clearing blackberry along the creek. I was worried we'd spoiled the nest so we re-covered it with a clump of sticky/Velcro weed. This evening mama had returned and flew to a branch nearby while I intruded one last time for a photo. Any egg ID'ers out there? #birdsofthefarm
  • Hoof trims and wool cuts in action. #blackwelshmountainsheep #openthebarns #summerready
  • All the ladies waiting for their summer cuts. #blackwelshmountainsheep