New SE Portland CSA Site!

We are thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with the good folks at the SE Wine Collective to host a CSA drop site at their wonderful SE Division location. The SE Wine Collective, a Portland Community Urban Winery, wine bar & event space serves handcrafted food, curated wine flights, and glasses & bottles made in Portland & afar, to share and take home.

All CSA members will receive a 10% Discount on any bottle(s) of wine to take home during the pick-up window, Wednesdays 4-7pm. How exciting is that?! Good food and good wine all in one convenient stop. 

Make sure to send in your sign-up today to take advantage of the early bird discount and reserve your spot!


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2015 CSA Sign-ups are LIVE!

We are so excited to be accepting CSA sign-ups for the 2015 season. The first of our seeds are sown, the crop rotation is planned, and we can almost taste those first sweet carrots. This year we’re excited to have multiple Portland drops (2nd almost finalized), continue our on-farm pick-up, as well as add a Market Share (ie-credit at our Silverton Farmer’s Market booth). We are offering our partial share in Portland, have a payment plan option, and are going to be growing some exciting new varieties and old favorites.

Submit your payment before Feb. 28th to receive an early discount!

Learn more and sign-up!

We can’t wait to share the 2015 season with you. It’s going to be fantastic!




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New Year, New Happenings


Thank you for visiting our page. We are in the midst of getting a new website up and running (bad timing) and so have been somewhat neglectful here.

Please email us at if you are interested in a CSA for 2015.  We are planning for pick-up on-farm, in PDX, as well as a market share! More info very soon!

In the meantime, we’ll dream of summer warmth and bounty!

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Happy plants and happy people!

We wanted to offer a brief update about what’s happening here on the farm. It has been a very nice spring thus far – mild temperatures, light rain, decent sunshine, and lots of loving hands on the ground.  As always, our friends and family are indispensable in our pursuit to balance production with property management. 50 diverse acres is no small undertaking. We have a number of new systems in place that are working to make life easier, one of which is our first employee! Conner also set up our cultivating tractor to lift some burden from our bodies. The irrigation system is finally (almost) in place, with more valves and more capacity. The hoop house/high tunnels that we’ve worked on for the past year are finally (almost) finished and are full of plants.  And to help with property maintenance in the pursuit of meat, we have a lovely flock of sheep munching away on our fall-planted pasture.
After a year of farming this land we have a little perspective and an idea of what we’re in for. Something we learned last year was that as good as our soils are, they are delicate and need some special care. Years of conventional management left them depleted of organic matter.  They also fall on the clay side of the spectrum, and so compaction is an issue. This spring we waited longer to till, resulting in nicer seed beds and less disruption of soil structure. Waiting is hard to do since we’re impatient to start eating from this land, but in the long run, the better we treat our soils, the more we’ll get from them.
So much for a brief update! You’re probably wondering where we are now….In relation to last year, we have MANY more plants in the ground and MUCH less weed pressure – two things we are extremely happy about it. We’re hoping to be at our first market on June 21st  and the CSA should start the Tuesday before or after. We cannot wait to begin harvests!
Your Farmers,
Conner, Sarah (and Wendell)
And to help you remember what the season holds in store…



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Lamb number one has landed!

Lamb number one has landed!

We haven’t spoken much about our lambs yet on the blog. We currently have 11 (+.5) on the farm, all received over the past 6 months. They are a breed we’ve kept before and loved- Black Welsh Mountain Sheep. They are a hardy dual purpose breed with beautiful wool and delicious meat. Over the past month we’ve been wondering when lambing would start…There are 7 more ewes left to go. Fingers crossed for healthy births.

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March 25, 2014 · 10:57 pm

Early bird CSA discount ends tomorrow!

Make sure to get your CSA sign-ups in the mail by the 28th to take advantage of the early bird discount. We’ll be extending the discount to folks who sign-up in-person at  Silverton’s Rooted in Food Fair this weekend. Hope to see you there!

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2014 CSA now available!

We are so pleased to have finalized the 2014 CSA details. There are many updates to our program this year- multiple share sizes, payment plans, and potentially add-ons. We’re really excited to be rolling this out and welcome any feedback or questions.



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