The Beginning of a New Season

Greetings Friends-

It has been too long since we’ve sat down to write a word or two. That’s what happens when you get swept up in a website redesign, spring planting, and the ease of posting to Instagram. We hope you’re following our journey through images, but it can’t always take the place of a thoughtful note. The winter season came and went in a flash. Eleven lambs have been born, our application for organic certification has been submitted, our website redesigned (!), and many many seeds have been sown.

We’re branching out a bit more this year with double the CSA members and new drop sites in downtown Silverton and SE Portland. We’ve added our market share and will be bringing local organic goodies from Hummingbird Wholesale to our Silverton Farmer’s Market booth. Speaking of the market- it starts this Saturday the 9th! We relished in our last Saturday of calm before jumping into this season but we are SO excited to be getting our good food off the farm and into the community.

We’ll be bringing butter lettuce, cilantro, leeks, kale, chard, and more. Come snag some local freshness, learn about the CSA, and venture out of hibernation. We look forward to reconnecting!

Sarah, Conner, and Wendell


Organic spring kale and chard



  1. Carole Reply

    So excited to have come across your booth at the Silverton Farmer’s Market. I had no idea that your farm was so close to my own property (your road runs behind us). So looking forward to a new season or produce, and to frequenting your booth. 🙂

    • Carole Reply

      I obviously can’t type tonight. Looking forward to a new season ‘of’ produce. 😉

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