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This post is long overdue but our life has been overwhelmingly full the past couple months…

After a very long search, in August 2012 we finally purchased a property with which to explore our agricultural ambition.  The rectangular 47 acres sits just an hour or so south of Portland off of highway 213. There is a seasonal creek, a pond, an oak lined horizon, and about 35 acres of tillable land. In the next couple years we’ll be developing conservation contracts, replanting pasture, building fences, fixing infrastructure, creating infrastructure, establishing a market, and nurturing a few acres of vegetables, a small flock of sheep, chickens, and a newly arrived member of the human family- our son Wendell Jack (born in Dec. 2012).  Over the course of a lifetime we hope to find the sweet spot of a fully diversified, direct-market family-farm – an idealistically hyphenated endeavor.  There is a tendency to float wide-eyed through the infinite opportunity of a grand vision brushed upon a blank canvas.  And so we look to the land, our relationships, and our local community keep our feet firmly on the ground.

As we dive into an incomprehensibly robust season of life, we’d like to continue cultivating community and exploring opportunities for partnership and collaboration.  This post is the first of many as we build Diggin’ Roots Farm anew.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Sarah Brown and Conner Voss




  1. Sarah and Conner, we’re so happy for you! And Congratulations on the third member of your family.Blessings on your family and your farm, and on the years to come.
    Carol and George, Island’s End Farm

  2. Hannah Meek Reply

    We are so happy to hear all of this great news. Enjoy your little one, life seems to go by too fast at times. We think about you guys often and have hope the best for you on your journey. It sounds like evrything is falling into the right place. Enjoy every moment of it.

    -Hannah, Morgan, and Landen

  3. Judith Sleavin Reply

    Hi Sarah, Mazel Tov on the birth of Wendell. Diggin Roots Farm has been in our ‘Songbird’ conversations, recently. So good to hear you’re settling into a beautiful farm and back into posting info. When you’re ready, we would like to talk with you about supplying our restaurant with organic goodies. Keep in touch. Judy Sleavin Songbird 6839 SE Belmont St Portland

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    • digginrootsfarm Reply

      Hi Judy-
      So good to hear from you! Your place sounds amazing. We’ve driven by too many times and I didn’t even know it was yours! We’d love to sell to you and will absolutely be in touch once we have produce available. Thanks for reaching out.

  4. SWEET!!! I can’t wait to see(eat) what develops. I’m behind you all the way.

  5. Awesome! I’m really happy for you guys–it’s about damn time you had your own place. I would love to come out and see it some time. I’ll help put up fencing. Been doing a bit of that lately.

    • digginrootsfarm Reply

      We would love to see you and have help with fencing! From the bits and pieces we’ve read it sounds like you’ve been having quite the farming adventure. Please let us know when a trip to Molalla is in your future!

  6. Suzie Wolfer Reply

    Hi Sarah and Conner! Wow I am so thrilled for you! Thanks for staying in touch!

    Fondly, Suzie

  7. Deanna DeForest Reply

    hi guys! This Deanna your “old” back fence neighbor. We were just talking about Y’all and how we miss you and your chickens and goats and friendliness. congrats on the new baby! good luck on all your endeavors, I bought all kinds of wierd heirloom tomatoes this year at CCC, I’ll let you know how I do : )

  8. Conner & Sarah,
    I am so impressed at the job you guys have done. You really have your sh.. together. I do very mini farming in Woodside, Calif. on 3 1/2 acres and had a 40 acre farm in Lake County, we called “Midland Farms” back in the ’70’s. I understand what it takes to survive & make a living on a farm. It is totally worth it.
    I went to your site because Joe Brown is an old friend, colleague and competitor of mine. When he told me he was retiring to the farming life at Diggin’ Roots Farm with his kids I thought “that’s the way to retire”. Working the land with family.
    Joe gave me his card and I told him I would visit some day soon. Hoping and looking forward to meeting you both soon.
    Please say hello to Joe for me.

    Rob & Sue Boynton
    Midland Cabinet Company
    San Carlos, Ca.
    O. 650-594-0890
    C. 650-766-2853

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