Lamb number one has landed!

We haven’t spoken much about our lambs yet on the blog. We currently have 11 (+.5) on the farm, all received over the past 6 months. They are a breed we’ve kept before and loved- Black Welsh Mountain Sheep. They are a hardy dual purpose breed with beautiful wool and delicious meat. Over the past month we’ve been wondering when lambing would start…There are 7 more ewes left to go. Fingers crossed for healthy births.

Breaking ground and other exciting things…

We love friends who help us pull weeds.

Friends helping weed the garlic.


Family make it possible (and keep us sane).

Our kitchen window view.

Our kitchen window view.

blackberry clearning

Attacking the blackberries that were eating the barn.

first starts 2013

We couldn’t wait for a greenhouse to start some seeds.

breaking ground

Breaking ground with our disc on the 2 acres we’ll be farming this year.

pasture discing

The pasture after one pass with the monster disc that we hired out. This fall we’ll be seeding it to perennial pasture.


We got a drain installed on this building so that we have dry usable space.