Hogs are custom slaughtered on farm and butchered by Sharp Custom Cutting in Hubbard, OR. We have two hogs available for Winter 2018.

American Guinea Hog pork as described by The Livestock Conservancy:
“Guinea hogs have uniquely desirable flavor characteristics. The fat of the Guinea Hog is abundant and firm, and has found interest with chefs and butchers for making charcuterie (old world style cured meats). The rendered lard is of particular interest to pastry chefs for use in crusts and dough. They have an exceptionally tender meat and produce fine hams.”

We’ll be selling these animals by the whole or half for $6/lb hanging/carcass weight. We expect hanging weights to vary from 80-120lbs. Approximately 65% of hanging/carcass weight is what you can expect to take home in packaged cuts, including healthy portions of back lard.

A whole animal will yield 50-80lbs of meat and 10-15lbs of lard, and cost about $500-720. These are just estimates until they get to the butcher, at which point we will get an exact number for your invoice. Once the animals are at the butcher you’ll need to call in your cutting instructions. Butcher fees can range from $.75-$2/lb depending on curing and cuts and are paid to the butcher when you pick up the meat.

If you’ve never purchase bulk meat before we are happy to talk you through it.

Please let us know ASAP if you’d like to reserve 1/2 or whole pig. We’ll ask for a $150 deposit per half animal. Reservations are held in the order received. If meat is not available, we will put you on our waiting list and contact you regarding the next processing date. We plan for another batch of hogs to be available in the fall/winter of 2018.

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