Our First Silverton Market

I’ll embarrassingly admit that I was rockin’ out in the truck on the way to market today. We’ve dreamed of farming for so long now that to see it finally being realized is a lot to get excited about. It was a crazy week getting everything together- signage, chalkboard, harvests, table clothes, baskets,


etc- but it totally paid off. Today at market we had: garlic scapes, spinach, snap peas, snow peas, cilantro, dill, butter lettuce, romaine, chard, kale, and beets. We did a decent job of estimating sales and have a much better sense of what folks are looking for (more cilantro, less snow peas). After

everyone got a round of naps in this afternoon I was able to upload some shots from this week.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us. It is great to be getting to know our neighbors and building local community!

Potential new items for next week’s market- Diggin’ Roots Farm organic cotton T-shirts (!), a whole lot more peas, and new potatoes for perfect 4th of July potato salad.

Potato flowers at sunset.

Potato flowers at sunset.


The blossom from our yellow snow peas- amazing!


  1. your booth, and the veggies in it, look great!! And baby Wendell too!

  2. Really enjoyed using your broccolini, red carrots, golden beets, Romanesco zucchini & three color beans in our specials at Creekside Grill! Delicious!

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