What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a commitment that straightens and strengthens the connection between eaters, producers, and the land. Your upfront payment provides capital for an entire season of growth. As farmers, we cannot overstate the power of this commitment. With gratitude as our guide, we reciprocate the trust of our members with bountiful, vibrant, beautiful food, all grown with a love. Through your support of CSA, we all become the culture in local, small-scale, diversified agri-culture.

Why join?

The freshest certified organic food. More veggies in your diet. Supporting local businesses. Investing in restoration and biodiversity. Knowing the face, family, and land behind your food. Diversifying your diet. Exploration of new tastes and flavors. A sun-ripend tomato. Melons that slip right off the vine. Celebrating abundance. Living the season.

How does it work?

Diggin Roots Farm offers a customizable 22-week CSA, from mid-June through mid-November as well as a Market Share. You identify which pick-up location and share works best for you.

Get a CSA Share.