2016 CSA Sign-Up is here!

Hello Friends-

What a beautiful day to be alive! Life is starting to buzz on the farm. This weekend Wendell and I cleared weeds from the greenhouse and really broke in his little wheelbarrow. Conner stripped siding off an old granary building that we’re working on repurposing. Honey bees were out, piglets were romping, and our very pregnant ewes waddled around the pasture. Almost 90% of our seed orders have arrived and we’re starting our first little seeds today. It’s pretty unbelievable how fast the winter seems to have gone by. It was enough though. Enough down time to feel ready to start it all again.

We’re very excited to have a few new CSA host sites set up. We’re hoping this will be more convenient for folks and allow for easier pick-ups. Our Silverton location has changed and we have expanded to a new location in the Belmont/Mt Tabor neighborhood. Woohoo!

The sign-up process is the same. It’s important to us that our members print out the form and read through the details. We know it may not be the most convenient and may waste some paper but it’s critical that our members understand how CSA works and what our and your responsibilities are.

Check out the photos and rambling below from last season. It’s fun to look back and even more exciting to look ahead!

Sarah & Conner

csa 2015 3

2015 Fall CSA

csa 2015 2

2015 Spring CSA

Over the summer hump: Melons and kale collide in cool nights and fleeting light. Zucchini remains, the mildew gains, pears ripen to blush while tomatoes slightly refrain. Jimmy Nardellos belong in a pan, with butter or oil, or both, or bacon. Fry until blistered, sweet and smooth, then smother on spuds, Fingerling good. Basil blooms in bees, finds new life in the blender and Kohlrabi is…well…tasty, we promise, on salads, or with dips, yeah we know it looks weird. The Apache red sweet corn flashes some magenta genes, and the Spanish onions cure to a dusty rose sheen. Armenian cucumbers swell with the last full summer moon, and we are full too, with love, and friends, and food. We embrace this time of year, as the sun loosens its blazing grip, sweetly slips into seeds, nesting and thrift. One hand grasps a waning summer, while our feet dance on beans, threshing power from the season. With good reason. #fortheloveoffood #digginrootsfarm #overthehump




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