Farm Planning Fuel

All season long we said “we can take care of it this winter” and the winter has almost come and gone! It’s hard to imagine we’ll be planting seeds soon, especially because there is so much planning to do first. Wendell is not too interested in farm planning…After the New Year we’ve really made an attempt to buckle down. Conner and I have caught a few moments to discuss the CSA (I’m almost done with the sign-up form- expect it soon!), start building out the wash-pack station, chip away at the greenhouses, and peruse seed catalogues. We’ve also been lucky to visit with farmer friends, share delicious meals of last season’s produce, and watch our pasture establish. As the little man learns to keep himself occupied I’ve had some time to get back to cooking and I wanted to share a few of our most recent favorites. As some of you know, I’ve been eating egg and dairy-free lately (long story) but the vegan recipes here are worth trying even still!

Pastel de Choclo– This is a very common Chilean dish that we fell in love with when we were there. It is like shepherd’s pie with a corn pudding top. Delicious comfort food!

Turkey Gumbo– I had to do something with the leftovers and I’ll be making this again this week. I added more veggies too.

Molasses Spelt Cookies– While vegan (I used regular butter anyway) these BLEW our minds. Definitely adding these to the rotation. I didn’t use candied ginger.

Vanilla Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes – Again, can’t even tell they’re vegan. Big hit with both boys.

Chia Pudding–  Yeah, it’s the new superfood but choking down slime is not the way to go. I make this recipe with canned coconut milk instead of almond milk and usually just dump granola on top. Shocking how long I can go until lunch and it’s like eating dessert for breakfast!

Best Granola Recipe Ever– Speaking of granola, this is a staple in our house. I do not use cinnamon and sub melted coconut oil for the veggie oil. I also usually sub out some oats/almonds for other fun things- coconut flakes, sesame, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, etc.



Life, babies, plants, markets, and summer all seem to be hitting their stride….Thank goodness for family, friends, good local seed, flame weeders, ladybugs, sweet smelling flowers, and delicious food. These factors- and many more- have made for moments of celebration. There are certainly some hurdles this first year, as you’d expect with a first  year on new ground, and we’ve learned many good lessons already for next season:

– Plant more beneficial habitat for the good bugs

– Buy a new tiller (there’s a long to-buy list but this is a priority)

– Flame all the beds to kill baby weeds before we plant (flaming is much easier on the soil than tilling)

– We have cucumber beetles and they like almost everything we grow- develop a strategy to beat them!

-Sarah needs to take a week of in the spring to help get the major spring planting in the ground

The past two markets have been great, we continue to meet very cool folks, and are already looking forward to next week.

Silverton Farmer' class=

Silverton Farmer’s Market July 13, 2013

Sweet corn and dry beans. 2 of the 3 sisters.

Sweet corn and dry beans. 2 of the 3 sisters.

We are going to be swimming in peppers.

We are going to be swimming in peppers.

Baby carrots tossed with olive oil and salt. Broiled on low until browned. So delicious!

Baby carrots tossed with olive oil and salt. Broiled on low until browned. So delicious!

Silverton Farmer' class=

Silverton Farmer’s Market July 6, 2013