Hello, and thank you for visiting! We are Conner, Sarah, Wendell, and Sylas respectively your farmers and the foremen. The opportunity to tend this land and call it our home is a privilege for which we smile every day. We are drawn to this livelihood by a magnetism of purpose, abundance, and place. We believe that agriculture is a culture worth our creative attention; that the story of human life on earth is largely defined by the pursuit of sustenance, and in turn, how we treat the ecosystems that nurture our growth.

We are not unique. Diggin’ Roots Farm is a young member of a large community of small, diversified, family farms, and a humble pupil to many inspiring minds, mentors, and farmers. The thought that food will and should be grown without compromise to Health is not a new sentiment; it is an enduring challenge to the status quo.

The seed that grew into this farm was planted in 2001, when we first met at UC Davis. Forged over good meals, bad movies, and backpacking, our friendship brought together a girl from the Bay Area and a guy from the Sierra Foothills. Our mutual appreciation for food and the natural world sparked the journey, and now our mutual adoration and respect is what keeps us lovingly inspired. Building a farm together is the life that we envision, because it is work that we enjoy and it is work that we can share.   When the farm is our home AND the farm management is a marriage, it takes a lot of intention to cultivate a healthy balance between work and family. Though not always easy, it is infinitely rewarding, and the friendship over good meals continues, now with homegrown food and more family members!

Meet Your Farmers

Sarah Rose

I’m always striving to be outside and live mindfully amidst the chaos of our time and lives. When I am not messing with paperwork and recordkeeping, chasing our boys, working full-time for Oregon Tilth, or cooking up a delicious harvest, I can be found squirreled away in the greenhouse planting seeds, harvesting pole beans and carrots (my faves), or writing a CSA email. My favorite moments on this farm are often the times Conner and I get quiet walks through the field at dusk. They are rare and magical and remind us why we’re here- as long as we can see beyond the weeds. This life is more challenging than I’d ever imagined and also more rewarding. I’m so grateful.



Conner Dell

We’re all sharing this rock in space, and doing what we can to live meaningful lives while we have the time. Gratitude for good fortune is not easily captured in words, but I’ll try. Farming is my intersection between purpose, family, and place. I see the same horizon differently each day. Creative hard work feeds my body and mind. Earth’s rhythms, wrath and reward are my daily doses of wonder. Hearing Wendell say “our farm” is a shot of love to my heart. Building life with my best friend, feeling supported in this endless arch is my prize. Growing food that makes people smile is my privilege. I am a lucky man, and maybe someday I’ll call myself a farmer and believe it.