Prepare for PEPPERS!

We went a little overboard sowing seeds. A year away from growing veggies and we lost perspective….We had doubts anything would grow, we didn’t know the land, the market, what it would be like farming with a little one, and now- we have so much food! It’s amazing and we feel very fortunate to have found homes for most of it but we’re not too sure about the peppers.

We LOVE them so I thought I’d give a little run down to entice folks to buy them up. We have a fair amount of varieties but our two main ones (and favorites) are highlighted below:

The Jimmy Nardello’s pepper is sweet and light when eaten raw.  It is also a Slow Food Ark of Taste variety. It is considered one of the very best frying peppers as its fruity raw flavor becomes perfectly creamy and soft when fried. A friend once sauteed these with garlic and served them over goat cheese- I was in heaven. They are our go-to for grilling up whole and then putting on burgers, sandwiches, etc. They are also great in eggs, sauces, salsa, you name it.

Sweet Sunset Italian Mix is a blend of yellow, orange, and red Sweet Italians that create a gorgeous meld of color. Many subtle trait variations on the Italian theme, with shoulder type, wall thickness, length, and tip-bluntness at play. Terrific salad peppers with few seeds and rich saturated color. We prefer these over the Nardellos for using fresh- so good in salads of all types.
We will be grilling these up in bulk to stash in the freezer for some winter sunshine : ) Let us know if you’d like a bulk order to do the same.

Getting ready for market!

We are going to have melons and sweet corn! These two crops won’t last long so come out and get ’em while you can. From left: ‘Haogen’ galia-type melon, ‘Delicious 51’ cantaloupe, and ‘Tuxana’ open-pollinated sweet corn.

Haogen MelonPMR Delicious 51 Melon


New Things

It’s raining! I love the smell but I can’t help but wonder what it means for market tomorrow. If you’re reading this- don’t let it deter you! Produce-wise this is one of our most exciting harvests yet. Tomorrow we’ll have TONS of tomatoes (ask about bulk discounts), heirloom zucchini, fresh onions, carrots, green beans (1st harvest for this succession so super delicious), basil, beets, cilantro, peppers, eggplant, spinach, lettuce, fennel, garlic, Caribe potatoes (we love them and Conner is cooking them up right now), and cabbage.

The other very exciting news is that our produce is all over town! We have been sharing the goodness with Old Oak Oven, Creekside Grill, and Silver Grille. Today we also sold bulk tomatoes to Portland Homestead Supply so that they could have tomatoes on hand for canning. After slow tomato sales at market last week we got busy here as well and now have huge pots of roasted heirlooms needing to be canned….

Speaking of canning, a little rain is a perfect excuse to put up some veggies. We hope you’ll come by tomorrow. Ask us about our favorite freezer/pantry filling recipes – soups, pesto, sauces, etc.


Old Things

Well maybe not that old but it has been awhile since I’ve had time to sit at the computer….Since the last post we’ve gotten three Black Welsh Mountain sheep, been selling produce all over town, gotten awesome DRF organic t-shirts, gotten 5+ hours of uninterrupted sleep, and eaten some really good food. Absolutely wonderful weeks.


One of our three new lambs.


Market leftovers + Old Oak Oven dough= dinner


Silverton Farmer’s Market July 27, 2013


Silverton Farmer’s Market July 20, 2013

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