2016 Fall CSA- spaces available now!

Greetings Farm Friends-

It’s nearly impossible to believe how quickly this season has flown by. It’s been productive, chaotic, rejuvenating, and filled with growth. We feel so fortunate to be farmers and be sharing our farm with all of you.

Last weekend’s farmers market (photo above) was beautiful. The colors of the produce were stunning, the sun was shining, and we just have so much fun visiting with folks on a weekly basis all summer.

Our Fall CSA will be on Tuesdays from 3-6pm with pick-up at someone’s lovely front porch in downtown Silverton. There are only 4 weeks of shares but they will be bountiful and provide you with a hefty supply of some our favorite keepers – potatoes, onions, shallots, and squash. There will also be plenty of roots and greens. This is one of our favorite times of year to enjoy the farm bounty.

Please download and send in the sign-up form. If you shoot us a quick email (info@digginrootsfarm.com) we’ll make sure to hold your spot.

With gratitude,

Sarah & Conner

2016 CSA Sign-Up is here!

Hello Friends-

What a beautiful day to be alive! Life is starting to buzz on the farm. This weekend Wendell and I cleared weeds from the greenhouse and really broke in his little wheelbarrow. Conner stripped siding off an old granary building that we’re working on repurposing. Honey bees were out, piglets were romping, and our very pregnant ewes waddled around the pasture. Almost 90% of our seed orders have arrived and we’re starting our first little seeds today. It’s pretty unbelievable how fast the winter seems to have gone by. It was enough though. Enough down time to feel ready to start it all again.

We’re very excited to have a few new CSA host sites set up. We’re hoping this will be more convenient for folks and allow for easier pick-ups. Our Silverton location has changed and we have expanded to a new location in the Belmont/Mt Tabor neighborhood. Woohoo!

The sign-up process is the same. It’s important to us that our members print out the form and read through the details. We know it may not be the most convenient and may waste some paper but it’s critical that our members understand how CSA works and what our and your responsibilities are.

Check out the photos and rambling below from last season. It’s fun to look back and even more exciting to look ahead!

Sarah & Conner

csa 2015 3

2015 Fall CSA

csa 2015 2

2015 Spring CSA

Over the summer hump: Melons and kale collide in cool nights and fleeting light. Zucchini remains, the mildew gains, pears ripen to blush while tomatoes slightly refrain. Jimmy Nardellos belong in a pan, with butter or oil, or both, or bacon. Fry until blistered, sweet and smooth, then smother on spuds, Fingerling good. Basil blooms in bees, finds new life in the blender and Kohlrabi is…well…tasty, we promise, on salads, or with dips, yeah we know it looks weird. The Apache red sweet corn flashes some magenta genes, and the Spanish onions cure to a dusty rose sheen. Armenian cucumbers swell with the last full summer moon, and we are full too, with love, and friends, and food. We embrace this time of year, as the sun loosens its blazing grip, sweetly slips into seeds, nesting and thrift. One hand grasps a waning summer, while our feet dance on beans, threshing power from the season. With good reason. #fortheloveoffood #digginrootsfarm #overthehump




Autumn Harvests: Fall CSA

It’s been a quiet season here on the blog but certainly not on the farm! This season has been as busy as usual with more helping hands and animals than ever before. We doubled our regular season CSA and the Silverton Farmer’s Market exploded with new customers. It’s been amazing and invigorating. While we’re looking forward to things slowing down, we’ll miss our weekly excuse to get off the farm and interact with everyone. Saturday October 10th is the last day of market and Tuesday October 13th is the last regular season CSA but there is still so much food in the field!

Join us for our Fall CSA for 6 weeks on Tuesdays from October 20 – November 24th. This will only be available for pick-up in Silverton. Shares will be bountiful and include carrots, beets, kale, chard, chicory, celeriac, broccoli, cauliflower, winter squash, onions, potatoes, shallots, cilantro, kohlrabi, spinach, and lettuce. I’m sure I’ve left a number of things off that list as well. The size will be great for a family of four vegetable eaters but many of the items will store very well. You can always find someone to split it with if you’d like. Cost is $200.

Please send us an email if you’d like to sign-up! There is limited space available.

The Beginning of a New Season

Greetings Friends-

It has been too long since we’ve sat down to write a word or two. That’s what happens when you get swept up in a website redesign, spring planting, and the ease of posting to Instagram. We hope you’re following our journey through images, but it can’t always take the place of a thoughtful note. The winter season came and went in a flash. Eleven lambs have been born, our application for organic certification has been submitted, our website redesigned (!), and many many seeds have been sown.

We’re branching out a bit more this year with double the CSA members and new drop sites in downtown Silverton and SE Portland. We’ve added our market share and will be bringing local organic goodies from Hummingbird Wholesale to our Silverton Farmer’s Market booth. Speaking of the market- it starts this Saturday the 9th! We relished in our last Saturday of calm before jumping into this season but we are SO excited to be getting our good food off the farm and into the community.

We’ll be bringing butter lettuce, cilantro, leeks, kale, chard, and more. Come snag some local freshness, learn about the CSA, and venture out of hibernation. We look forward to reconnecting!

Sarah, Conner, and Wendell


Organic spring kale and chard


New Year, New Happenings


Thank you for visiting our page. We are in the midst of getting a new website up and running (bad timing) and so have been somewhat neglectful here.

Please email us at info@digginrootsfarm.com if you are interested in a CSA for 2015.  We are planning for pick-up on-farm, in PDX, as well as a market share! More info very soon!

In the meantime, we’ll dream of summer warmth and bounty!

Happy plants and happy people!

We wanted to offer a brief update about what’s happening here on the farm. It has been a very nice spring thus far – mild temperatures, light rain, decent sunshine, and lots of loving hands on the ground.  As always, our friends and family are indispensable in our pursuit to balance production with property management. 50 diverse acres is no small undertaking. We have a number of new systems in place that are working to make life easier, one of which is our first employee! Conner also set up our cultivating tractor to lift some burden from our bodies. The irrigation system is finally (almost) in place, with more valves and more capacity. The hoop house/high tunnels that we’ve worked on for the past year are finally (almost) finished and are full of plants.  And to help with property maintenance in the pursuit of meat, we have a lovely flock of sheep munching away on our fall-planted pasture.

After a year of farming this land we have a little perspective and an idea of what we’re in for. Something we learned last year was that as good as our soils are, they are delicate and need some special care. Years of conventional management left them depleted of organic matter.  They also fall on the clay side of the spectrum, and so compaction is an issue. This spring we waited longer to till, resulting in nicer seed beds and less disruption of soil structure. Waiting is hard to do since we’re impatient to start eating from this land, but in the long run, the better we treat our soils, the more we’ll get from them.

So much for a brief update! You’re probably wondering where we are now….In relation to last year, we have MANY more plants in the ground and MUCH less weed pressure – two things we are extremely happy about it. We’re hoping to be at our first market on June 21st  and the CSA should start the Tuesday before or after. We cannot wait to begin harvests!

Your Farmers,
Conner, Sarah (and Wendell)
And to help you remember what the season holds in store…

Lamb number one has landed!

We haven’t spoken much about our lambs yet on the blog. We currently have 11 (+.5) on the farm, all received over the past 6 months. They are a breed we’ve kept before and loved- Black Welsh Mountain Sheep. They are a hardy dual purpose breed with beautiful wool and delicious meat. Over the past month we’ve been wondering when lambing would start…There are 7 more ewes left to go. Fingers crossed for healthy births.

Farm Planning Fuel

All season long we said “we can take care of it this winter” and the winter has almost come and gone! It’s hard to imagine we’ll be planting seeds soon, especially because there is so much planning to do first. Wendell is not too interested in farm planning…After the New Year we’ve really made an attempt to buckle down. Conner and I have caught a few moments to discuss the CSA (I’m almost done with the sign-up form- expect it soon!), start building out the wash-pack station, chip away at the greenhouses, and peruse seed catalogues. We’ve also been lucky to visit with farmer friends, share delicious meals of last season’s produce, and watch our pasture establish. As the little man learns to keep himself occupied I’ve had some time to get back to cooking and I wanted to share a few of our most recent favorites. As some of you know, I’ve been eating egg and dairy-free lately (long story) but the vegan recipes here are worth trying even still!

Pastel de Choclo– This is a very common Chilean dish that we fell in love with when we were there. It is like shepherd’s pie with a corn pudding top. Delicious comfort food!

Turkey Gumbo– I had to do something with the leftovers and I’ll be making this again this week. I added more veggies too.

Molasses Spelt Cookies– While vegan (I used regular butter anyway) these BLEW our minds. Definitely adding these to the rotation. I didn’t use candied ginger.

Vanilla Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes – Again, can’t even tell they’re vegan. Big hit with both boys.

Chia Pudding–  Yeah, it’s the new superfood but choking down slime is not the way to go. I make this recipe with canned coconut milk instead of almond milk and usually just dump granola on top. Shocking how long I can go until lunch and it’s like eating dessert for breakfast!

Best Granola Recipe Ever– Speaking of granola, this is a staple in our house. I do not use cinnamon and sub melted coconut oil for the veggie oil. I also usually sub out some oats/almonds for other fun things- coconut flakes, sesame, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, etc.