Salty Oats at Diggin’ Roots

We had the lovely experience of hosting a local blogger, Meaghin Kennedy of These Salty Oats, a couple weeks ago. She patiently put up with our post- ‘night from hell’ daze, took some wonderful photos, and wrote a very nice piece to add to her collection on local farming couples. Thank you Meaghin!

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2 responses to “Salty Oats at Diggin’ Roots

  1. missalbertas

    I love this, you three are so amazing! Super awesome to read a story about your hardworking and persistence!

    FYI carrot soup is on the Zaninielsen menu tonight (: see you tomorrow! Can’t wait.

  2. Amazing article! Were so proud of you guys!! Much love- Have a great Thanksgiving feast. You deserve it! We hope to see you soon.

    Timothy Zagone


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